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BBDC follows all guidelines and best practices as outlined by the CDC, Florida Department of Health, local and state government.  

The items below are not all inclusive and are subject to change based on the ever changing findings about the novel coronavirus. 

Other than the dancers and children under the age of 6, anyone entering the facility is required to wear a mask. 

Masks for the dancers is a decision that should be made by the parent. 

What we are/have been doing:

Teachers temperature checked each day

Teachers and staff wear masks 

Hand sanitizing for all upon entering/leaving the building or classroom 

Shoes are to be removed at the door before entering

Younger students will get help with their dance shoes inside the classroom  

Each dancer has a marked off area for their items and for shoe changes

Both of the front doors remain open to enhance ventilation

Back doors to the dance rooms remain open to enhance ventilation 

Each dance area is on a separate hvac system and hepa filters are used with frequent changing

Lobby chairs removed to minimize touchable surfaces and maximize space

Between each class or more frequently, all touchable surfaces are disinfected

Floors are disinfected daily and between classes if warranted

What we are asking of you: 

Follow the enter/ exit routine that will be provided as we use all doors limiting unnecessary interactions   

Be aware/ respectful of social distancing while entering/exiting/ picking up/ dropping off.

Have your dancer dressed for class as changing at the studio is not permitted at this time

Try to have dancer use bathroom before coming to dance

The water fountains are not available at this time. If needed, please send a labelled water bottle with your dancer  

Do not allow dancers to wear dance shoes to or from the studio   



With covid19, there is an inherent risk in public places where people are present.  It is important that you choose what is right for you and your family. We have and will be taking enhanced safety and health precautionary measures for our students, faculty and families.  

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