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 At Broadway Bound Dance Centre, we do not uniform our dancers but do require dancewear be worn to class. Dance is a disciplined art form and we understand policies that require certain attire.  We also know that, as children grow, not everyone is comfortable with their bodies or the changes. It is more important to us that the students are comfortable and confident in what they are wearing and participating in dance than it is to follow a strict dress code. We also know that every family has a different budget and this allows the parents to be in more control. To help with this, we do not require any particular brand of shoe, only requiring certain colors.  Dancewear should be form fitting.  We do permit t-shirts, as long as they aren't too big.  A trained eye can still see the dancer's alignment for corrections but clothing that is too baggy makes it a challenge. 

SHOES by class level:

Class I/II -  pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes

Class III- pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes

Juniors- pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes

Seniors and Jr. Masters- pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes, pink pointe shoes (on approval from faculty)

Masters- pink ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes

Lyrical- tan jazz shoes

Hip-hop-  black dance sneakers

Boys Hip-hop - black dance sneakers or plain black sneakers. Sneakers must have non-marking soles.  

DANCE SHOES, including dance sneakers, SHOULD NEVER BE WORN OUTSIDE.  It is not good for the shoes or the dance floors and it is also a sanitary issue.  Please, always wear other shoes to and from the studio.

Dance attire for DANCE CLASSES:

Dancers are required to wear appropriate dancewear to class. Bodysuits/leotards and tights (stockings) are required. T-shirts over the leotard/bodysuit are acceptable.  Soffee shorts, dance skirts, jazz pants are also all acceptable.  Boys may wear sweatpants/shorts, t-shirts. 

No jeans or jean shorts.

Dance attire/ shoes for DANCE CAMP:

Dance camp attendees should dress in dancewear or comfortable clothing that is easy to move in (t-shirts/ stretchy shorts).  If a dance camper has their own dance shoes, they should bring them.  If the dance camper does not have dance shoes, shoes will be provided for them. 

This does not apply to dance CLASSES. 

Dance Retailers: 



There are many available websites.  We like and use Discount Dance.  

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Local Retailers:

Melbourne Dancewear 

Dance Gear  and Accessories: Rockledge  

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