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 "Thank you all for another wonderful year of dance.  Everyone at the studio has such a positive and caring attitude when working with the students."  Laurie E.

Broadway Bound Tap dancers

Dancers develop a sense of rhythm, timing and musical phrasing through tap dancing.  Clarity of sound, speed/tempo, and improvisation are important aspects of the genre.

broadway bound hip hop dancers
Hip Hop

A broad genre which encompasses breakdance, street dance, popping and locking. Improvisation and personal style are important aspects of hip hop dance. Hip Hop is an ever evolving dance form that takes its cues from the current culture. It is a high energy, often very physical art form. Broadway Bound's hip hop classes are always age appropriate..

broadway bound ballet dance

Classical ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. The combination of disciplined movement and mental coordination develops poise, musicality, and a graceful, healthy body. Ballet is necessary for the technical development of a dancer.


Acro or Acro dance is a blend of traditional dance steps and acrobatic skills. Acrobats exude flexibility, balance and strength: headstands, handstands, chest rolls, cartwheels, aerials etc. are all acro skills.  A defining characteristic of acro dance s the smooth, graceful transitions between dance and acrobatic movements.

broadway bound jazz dancers

Jazz is based on the fundamental technique of ballet, modern and African dance. It is a free style of dance based on body isolations and syncopation. Various styles of Jazz have evolved such as , theatrical, classical, street, funk and all are included in this course to produce well-rounded dancers.

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Both Lyrical and Contemporary dance are a blend of ballet and jazz. In Lyrical, the dancer is challenged to relate the story of the lyrics or convey an emotional message through movement. Lyrical is a very poetic and musical style of dance. Contemporary dance also draws on the techniques of modern dancers making it a visually stunning style. 

lyrical dance broadway bound
Broadway Bound boy hip hop dancers

Boys only classes focus on the unique abilities of male dancers.   Instruction is tailored for young boys to build on strength, stamina, rhythm and flexibility. Class availability  based on demand 

all boys hip hop dance broadway bound

Designed to improve and perfect a dancer's technique. Course work focuses on turns in center, across the floor, leaps and jumps.  Strength and stretching are incorporated to increase range of movement and power.

Broadway Bound leaps and turns class
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