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How do I register for classes?

Registrations may be done in person at the studio before a term begins during any of our scheduled "Registration Days".  Registrations can also be mailed to the studio address. Online registration will be available shortly.  Registrations must include the registration fee in order to be considered complete and to hold your dancers space in class or in a camp.  If a term is already in progress, please use our contact form or email us to be sure there is still space available as our classes fill quickly.

What should my child wear for class?


Please see our "Attire" page. 


What are your term dates?

Broadway Bound loosely follows the Brevard Public School calendar so our term dates vary from year to year based on the school calendar.  Our School Year Term runs from mid-August to May and our Summer Term typically begins in late May/ early June. 

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

If a term is already in progress, please use our contact form or email us to be sure there is still space available as our classes fill quickly.


Open enrollment for the School Year Term closes on November 1st.  Years ago, we noticed that dancers that started after the November timeframe were always trying to "catch up" with their class(es) since the classes had been working together as a group for months already.  We also noticed that the new students did not enjoy themselves as much as they should have either so we decided it was better for all the dancers to close enrollment after a specified date.

Are there additional costs beyond tuition?


Students do need appropriate dance attire and shoes.  To participate in the recital, class costumes must be purchased.  Costume prices vary year to year based on the costume companies but we do everything we can to keep costume costs to a minimum.  We do not charge a recital fee and costs associated with the recital are funded through ticket sales. We do not sell our families videos of the recital...we give it to them at no charge as a thank you for letting us teach your children. 

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes.  Our teachers either hold a degree in dance, a complimentary degree with additional dance training, or have years of dance training and have also completed a teaching apprenticeship and training program.


Can parents watch?


Yes.  Our dance rooms have glass doors so parents can observe from the lobby.  When we have something special to show off, we invite the parents into the dance rooms too.


What is your ratio of children to teacher?

This varies based on the age of the students in a class and their experience level.  We do keep our classes small, especially for the younger students.  If there is a particularly popular class time, we will add an Assistant Teacher or Teacher in Training to the class to keep the ratio of student to teacher low.  


Do you have a recital?  Other performing opportunities? 

We do have a recital at the end of the School Year Term.  Our recital normally coincides with the end of the Brevard Public Schools year.  Participation in the recital is optional, although in 20+ years there haven't been many dancers that didn't participate. Dance is a performing art and the recital is a chance for the students to show off all they have learned and accomplished during the dance season. 

Dancers that want more performance opportunities may join our Company. Company is open to any dancer over the age of seven at the studio.  We do not invite only the "best" but encourage anyone that has the desire and commitment to join.  Company usually begins in Mid-September and runs through December.  The dancers perform at least four times through the year at festivals, senior centers and have participated in the Melbourne Light Parade. 


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